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Fundraising/Sponsorship 2015-16

This season we are introducing a new sponsorship & fundraising idea.  Each Little Athlete is encouraged to obtain their own sponsor. This could be a local business, a relative or friend.  Whoever you choose!

Please note that this is not compulsory.  It is an idea that has come from member feedback and is designed so that parents feel less like they are being "hit up" for fundraising week after week throughout the season.  I don't know about you but I have bought my own fair share of raffle tickets.

The intention is to give the children the responsibility and a sense of pride and ownership of the club.

There is a minimum donation of $50 and no maximum!

Each child who has a paid sponsor will get a photo of themselves with their respective sponsor if appropriate and the business will be advertised (if applicable) at our clubrooms.  There are opportunities for the sponsor to also be featured across our website, social media platforms, club newsletters as well as at the club itself.

We think this will be an exciting new fundraiser for our club and ask that you support us in our endevours.

To download the Athletes Sponsorship Form CLICK HERE

Please have your sponsor organised and paid by 7th November.

A photo of your child with or without sponsor and in club uniform can be emailed to cockatoolavic@gmail.com

Many thanks,

Bianca Geysen


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